# Control information

The amount of control information needed (or desired) in the payload depends on the client application and device. The metadata parameter can be applied to the Accept header of an OData request to influence how much control information will be included in the response.

If a client prefers a very small wire size and is intelligent enough to compute data using metadata expressions, the Accept header should include metadata=minimal. If computation is more critical than wire size or the client is incapable of computing control information, metadata=full directs the service to inline the control information that normally would be computed from metadata expressions in the payload. metadata=none is an option for clients that have out-of-band knowledge or don't require control information.

Note that in OData 4.0 the metadata format parameter was prefixed with "odata.". Clients requiring this prefix must set the OData-Version header to "4.0".

# Minimal

# Full

# None

# Further Information

For further information on the control information provided see the OData JSON format documentation (opens new window)